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发布日期:2015-01-03工作地点:深圳-福田区招聘人数:1语言要求:英语 熟练薪水范围:面议   薪酬福利: 绩效奖金五险一金 职位职能:  市场/营销/拓展专员   职位描述:
Identify and implement innovative SEO strategies
Control naming conventions and linking conventions of web pages, images and multimedia files
In-bound link development from relevant sites and directories
Analyse Potential Keywords, evaluating product characteristics, demographics of prospective customers and competition
Implement off-page SEO content strategies such as coding
Effectively use header tags
Keep abreast of white hat and black hat tactics so as not to violate search engine guidelines
Create, implement and update SEM campaigns on Google Adwords
Optimize biddings to meet sales and traffic targets within budget
Strategize ways to improve and track site performance
Perform content maintenance and updates
Monitor, review and update web site traffic reports
Test and track landing page optimization and other conversion strategies
Think creatively to produce new ideas and design concepts
Contribute to the development of the web communications group
Contribute with innovative ideas to the Marketing department
Aforementioned activities in potentially 10+ languages

A strong SEM and SEO background
3 years experience in website development, Google Adwords and search engine optimization with proven ability to achieve top search engine rankings
Bachelor degree in Computer Science or similar
Demonstrated ability, working knowledge and strong programming experience in HTML, HTML5, Java, CSS and Excel Macros
Knowledge of best practices for organic search engine optimization, including knowledge of search engine spiders and search engine ranking factors
Strong analytical, problem-solving and organizational skills
Thrives in an environment of change, complexity and fun
Proficiency in spoken and written English is a must, proficiency in Italian, Portuguese, German or Dutch is a plus

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